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5 Ways 90-Day Planning Helps You Achieve Your Goals Faster

Essential to the success of your business ...

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I can't believe we are fast approaching the end of Q1 2019! For anyone involved with ActionCoach, that means another 90-day planning session ...

90-day planning is essential to the success of your business!

90-day planning is essential to the success of your business!

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It's somewhat clichéd, but failing to plan, really is planning to fail! Many businesses don't have much in the way of a business plan other than what is in the owners head, and those that do, it's very often done once a year, filed away, only to be pulled out again a year later when all sorts of things have changed.

At ActionCoach, we know that regular planning is essential to the success of your business and an integral part of working 'ON' your business. So how exactly does 90-day planning help you achieve your goals faster?

  1. It keeps you focused

    Regular planning keeps you focused on your end results. You'll write down concrete goals, with measurable targets. Not only that, but it keeps you focused on the systems and processes needed to help you achieve your goals.

    ActionCoach systems have been developed and honed over 25 years of working with real businesses. You'll get quarterly planning reviews to evaluate where you are currently performing within these systems and what needs focusing on for the next quarter.

  2. You'll break annual goals down into manageable chunks

    A big goal can seem daunting to tackle, but broken down into smaller quarterly goals with measurable steps feels a lot more manageable. If you focus on the small steps week by week, you'll usually make faster progress towards that big end goal.

  3. Regular progress reviews allow you to flex and react

    Things change in business, and often rapidly. Revisiting longer-term goals regularly ensures you keep focusing on the right activities and it allows you to stay on course when changes happen.

  4. You commit a full day each quarter to working 'on' your business

    When life gets busy, and if things aren't scheduled, they rarely happen ... and this is true both in business and our personal lives! Actively prioritising a day a quarter to step outside your business and work 'on' it, rather than 'in' it, is when you allow yourself time to reflect and work on growth and strategy.

  5. It helps with work/life balance and that leads to greater productivity!

    Our 90-day planning sessions aren't all about business; we also look at personal goals too! What would you like to achieve in your own life over the next quarter? Whether it's training for a half marathon, or fitting in family days out, by committing to your personal goals in advance, you are more likely to make them happen.

    And scientific evidence shows that when you regularly take time out to mentally and physically recharge you are much more productive when you get back to work. What better excuse to book that weekend away.

If you'd like to find out more about 90-day planning with ActionCoach, do give me a call on 07590 584642 or click here to ping me an email and let's see how I can help you.

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