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How Long Did It Take You To Become A Business Owner?

A bit about ActionCoach and why we do what we do ...

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A meeting with a new client of mine, who had become a business owner over 3 years ago, prompted this week's blog post ...

If you want to become a business owner then ActionCOACH can help you!

If you want to become a business owner then ActionCOACH can help you!

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Having had several 'lightbulb' moments following our first session, I sensed some frustration about aspects of running their business, that they apparently thought they should have known. "How long did it take you to train to become a heating engineer", I asked? "3 years", was their answer. "And how long did it take to start a business?" was my next question? Ultimately a few minutes to register the business, we established, is all it takes to get started!

"Running a business can be many things ... hugely rewarding and exciting, but also pretty challenging at times!"

Many people start their own business because they are good at their trade or profession; the 'thing' the business does. That requires staying on top of your game, so you continue to be good at what you do, but then you also have to learn how to run 'the business' of what you do!

Before you know it, you are a business owner deep in sales and marketing, keeping finances under control, learning about VAT returns, invoicing and cashflow, managing a team as the business grows and ensuring they deliver the right level of customer service and meet targets ... and the list goes on!

"If you've never had a business education, why would any of that come instinctively?"

ActionCoach is a global company that was born out of an Australian entrepreneur (Brad Sugars) who started out helping business owners for precisely that reason! Sensing a gap in the market for small business owners who wanted coaching through the nuts and bolts of running their business more effectively, ActionCoach began, and Brad worked on systemizing the process.

Because it doesn't matter whether you are running a hair salon, a restaurant or a firm of accountants, the process of 'running a business' is essentially the same. 25 years on and business owners all over the world are benefitting from implementing ActionCoach systems to create more time, money and better performing teams.

As the global mission of ActionCoach is "world abundance through business education", we aim to help business owners at whatever level we can. If you are a sole trader starting out, then you can definitely pick up some great tips from a free seminar or if you are an established business owner looking for help to streamline your business and take it to the next level, 1:1 coaching might be right for you. Look out for upcoming events on my website, or get in touch to arrange an initial chat.

"Would you like to know more?"

Maybe you want to become a business owner? Maybe you want to grow your current business? Do give me a call on 07590 584642, click here to visit my website or ping me an email and let's see how I can help you.

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If you're looking for a specialist business coach in the Bedford area, you can find out more about me by visiting . Let's see how I can help you achieve your goals!

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