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The Law Of Attraction In The Business World

How sceptical are you?

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Last week, I wrote about having the right mindset for success and the need for ongoing personal development. Recently, I was reminded about the Law of Attraction when I watched a compelling video ...

Does the Law of Attraction work? Many people think it does but others are quite sceptical!

Does the Law of Attraction work? Many people think it does but others are quite sceptical!

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It was on social media, and various big-name celebrities were talking about it and how it's helped them achieve great success. Some people can be sceptical when you talk about the power of visualization and the law of attraction.

"But there's some pretty compelling evidence out there about the power of the mind!"

Neuroscience has shown that the same areas of the brain are being worked when we visualise an activity, as when we are actually taking part in it.

For example, a weightlifter who visualises lifting weights shows the same patterns of brain activity as when he is actually lifting them. There are countless examples of this from professional athletes in every discipline you can imagine, but as a skier myself, I enjoyed reading about top Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn who says that by the time she gets to the start gate, she has already 'run' the race 100 times in her head, visualizing every turn.

From scientific research, we know that connections in the brain get strengthened every time we do an activity, so if this is happening every time we visualize something too, those connections are only going to get stronger.

From a neuroscience perspective, there is also a lot of evidence to back up the power of visualizing our goals, in the form of the 'Reticular Activating System' (or RAS for short). Our RAS acts as a filter of information flowing through our brains, it eliminates the 'white noise'. In today's age of data overload, this is more important than ever.

Keep in mind what you are focused on, and this filter will naturally respond more and more only to information that is relevant to our thoughts and goals and ignore the rest.

As Ruben Gonzalez, author of 'The Courage To Succeed' says, "That's why writing your goals down every day, visualizing your intended outcome and regularly saying affirmations is so important! Doing those things truly does help you to focus your subconscious mind on what's important to you."

These elements of neuroscience help to partly explain the power of the brain and 'like attracting like', though those that believe strongly in the Law of Attraction put it down to the flow of energy in the universe.

"Put out positive energy, and you'll attract positive energy back!"

Whether or not you believe in it, choosing to focus on the positive can only push you in the right direction. Have you ever noticed when you're having a bad day and you focus on how bad the day is going, it usually only gets worse? Alternatively, when you're in a great headspace, and you get focused and more productive, you feel better?

Ultimately, all aspects of visualising success have to be backed up with action, but get in the right headspace, get focused on your goals and think positively and you're more likely to choose the right actions to take you there.

"Would you like to know more?"

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