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Why Self-Management, Not Time-Management Gets Results

Do you know what's important and what's urgent?

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One of the most common complaints you'll hear from business owners is that ''there's just not enough hours in the day!'' And yet, whilst days can be busy, it's often easy for very few significant goals to be achieved by the end of them ...

If you want to work on your business rather than in it, you need good self-management!

If you want to work on your business rather than in it, you need good self-management!

Given the reality is, that you'll never find any extra hours in the day, wouldn't it be better to really work out how to get more done in less time?

"You hear about time management all of the time, but the key is actually self-management!"

It's about understanding what is taking up your time, and working out how to stop doing the things that aren't productive, are distractive and are taking you away from achieving your goals. Start focusing in on the things that are going to make a real difference.

If you think about what will make a significant impact on long-term progress in your business, it tends to be things that are not really urgent.

For example, creating a business plan is never urgent, but it is very important. Other examples might include regular 1-to-1 meetings with staff, checking progress on long-term projects, updating the website, and so on.

These things tend to have a big impact on our success in the long-term, but they will rarely ever become urgent! And consequently, so often these things get put on the back burner.

I find it's beneficial for business owners to assess where each important/urgent task fits on this important/urgent time target:

  • Not urgent and not important - distractions - for example constant checking of emails / messaging /social media, browsing the internet

  • Urgent and not important - delusions - these can include interruptions, other people's demands, making tasks 'urgent' to avoid doing the important ones!

  • Urgent and Important - demands - this is where the majority of business owners spend the bulk of their time, for example dealing with customer demands and staff issues, and this is how business owners fall into 'fire-fighting' mode as it's all reactive.

    If you want to be really successful in business, you have to work out how to delegate these demand activities to other people so it doesn't all rely on you, the business owner.

  • Not urgent, but important - doings - This is where at least 20% of your time should be spent and you need to work out how you're going to hold yourself accountable to getting tasks in this area done.

    This is also where I come in as a business coach (and why I have a coach myself), because having someone outside your business to put the pressure on, helps to get the jobs done!

    Working effectively and regularly in this zone is about working 'on' your business and is fundamental to getting the most out of it.

One of the most effective ways of improving your productivity and spending time working on your business is by creating and using a 'default diary', which I will be writing about next week.

If you know you need to make time to work on your business plan, but haven't yet managed to prioritise it, why not take a couple of hours out on Tuesday 6th November? click here to come along to the Natwest seminar I'm co-presenting at, which is all about planning for a successful 2019!

"Would you like to know more?"

If you'd like to find out more about self-management not time management and how it gets results then do give me a call on 07590 584642 or click here to ping me an email and let's see how I can help you.

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